Our Team

Winterborn team lined up with weapons

Our team here at Winterborn are currently hard at work on our first game.

Kent Gambill – Studio Head/Designer/Programmer 

Kent Gambill

Kent was born into a carnival family (no, really!) He started playing video games and tabletop games with his fellow carnies at an early age and never really stopped. Beginning in high school, he created his own tabletop game which became the basis of the first game our team is working on. 

Kent learned to code at Full Sail University, where he graduated Valedictorian with a Bachelor of Science in Video Game Design & Development. He has now been working for over ten years in the game industry as a programmer. He’s gone from small licensed games to indie games to AAA games before finally deciding to create his own studio and pursue his dreams of telling the story created during those early tabletop days. 

Follow Kent on Twitter @ProfessionLKent 

Moudy Hamo – Artist/Designer 

Moudy spent most of his life growing up in his hometown of Khartoum, Sudan. He always had a love for art and video games, as early as he can remember. That love would quickly turn into a dream that he wanted to make a reality. Moudy wanted to become equipped with the ability to create a game that his ten-year-old self, his friends, and everyone else would want to play. He hopes it will inspire others to chase their own dreams. He attended Corcoran College of Art & Design in his new home of Washington, DC.  

Follow Moudy on Twitter @moudyhamo and Instagram @moudy_hamo

Jack Steele – Programmer

Jack Steele

Jack Steele has been playing games his whole life. He grew up being a fan of role-playing games and was introduced to a lot of games through his relationship with Kent, who is his older cousin. Jack wants to make games that he can be proud of and would love to play himself. He graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Akron and is currently pursuing a second degree in game programming and development to add to his skill set. He’s been a software engineer in Cleveland for 5 years and is an avid eSports fan who watches his favorite team, Cloud9, whenever he gets the chance.  

Follow Jack on Twitter @MFTankbeast

Stephen Boilegh – Music/Sound Effects

Stephen “Boo” Boilegh grew up in a small town with a love for role-playing games and music. Boo (as he is affectionately known) was one of the original players at the table with Kent when he first made his tabletop game. He took his passion for music and got a degree for Sound Engineering at Full Sail University alongside Kent. Boo came back home to stay close to his family and to start his own and then consequently jumped at the opportunity to work on a game we could call our own.   

Trevor Osz – Social Media/Community/Digital Content

Trevor Osz

Trevor grew up to love two things: video games and professional wrestling. He spent years pursuing both in different ways. In video games, he tried to do his own website with collaborators and has had several podcasts. In wrestling, he ended up jumping into the role of commentator for a small independent promotion. He even worked as a pro wrestling manager for a few years. Trevor recently went back to school and received his Associate’s in Digital Media last year.

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Photo Credit: Parallel Photography (https://www.parallelphotography.com)