Our Story

winterborn team sitting at a table

We came together because of our passion for role-playing games and what they encompass.   

We came together at a table to bring a story to life for many years.   

We all went our separate paths, found new friends and experiences, and came back to that same table with new skills.   

We are a team of very different people who draw a variety of things from the games we play.   

We all have a vision and passion to create the kind of games that we all want to play and love.   

We want to bring an epic story to your fingertips.    

We want YOU to join us on our journey.   

We are Winterborn.   

At Winterborn, we want to make the kind of games that we grew up playing. Our goal is to always have a complete story that you can sit down and enjoy from beginning to end. We also feel that everyone should be able to play our games and do our best to take accessibility into account as we design them. We hope that you’ll join us on this adventure and thank you for visiting us.