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Introducing Externus: Path of the Solari

Externus is set in an original high fantasy world first created by Kent Gambill and cooperatively developed with players of his homebrew tabletop game. Externus is designed as a story-driven tactical RPG that will focus on characters and their struggles during their adventures.

Before working at the studio, I was one of the tabletop players that helped craft the world as we played the game over a decade ago. Everyone here at the studio is super excited to be able to release this very small first look at what we’ve been working on here at Winterborn. Thank you guys so much for checking it out, and we plan to release a lot more information about the game soon. We are currently working on a pre-alpha demo of the game alongside a longer complete reveal trailer. We plan to have those out sometime in May.

We are fortunate to be a remote studio working from home, so please stay safe our there during this time and thank you for your interest in our game!

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